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And So It Begins...

Ok, we didn't play all that well in the Super Bowl, but we were in the Super Bowl and that should count as something, right?  Vegas does have us at 8-1 to win.  Can't you at least wait until pre season to find reasons to hate us?

Some guy calling himself a writer has this piece taking a look at the Bears and Colts salary cap issues.  In it he also takes a look at each teams 2007 schedule.  Here is what Mr. Putz has to say.

If you thought the Bears fattened up on their weak schedule this season, you might be tempted to say the same thing about their 2007 slate. Chicago faces seven teams that made the playoffs in 2006, but that's a bit deceiving if you dig a little deeper. San Diego, New Orleans, Philadelphia are its only opponents who won at least 10 games this season (Dallas, the Giants, Kansas City and Seattle were all playoff teams with nine wins or fewer).

Dip wad here is already hammering us on the schedule that we don't create.  Last season we were taken to task for not playing enough good teams, now we are playing 7 playoff teams and that isn't good enough.  You think Dallas, NY, KC and Seattle aren't going to improve?  How about Green Bay they were a game out and were an extremely young team, might they improve.  Am I to assume that the Colts or Chargers or Patriots have a tougher road?

Let's take a look at what he says about the Colts schedule.

Remember how bitter those Ravens fans were to the visiting Colts in the playoffs this season? If anything, it could be worse for Indy next season when it has to go back to Baltimore after eliminating the Ravens in that 15-6 divisional round upset. But Indianapolis doesn't have it so bad from an overall perspective. The Colts play just five 2006 playoff teams, although their four division games against Tennessee and Jacksonville aren't even close to being gimmes any more.

What the heck happened?  We play 7 and our schedule is deceivingly easy, they play 5 and a couple of almost teams and it is deceptively hard?  Well, start the disrespect now, it only carried us to the Super Bowl this year.