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The Day After

A not so good night of sleep later and I am ready to reflect on the game and not break out into any Colt front runner fans, granted if anybody at my work shows up with Colts gear, I reserve the right to recant that pledge.

I am going to start with out offense or our lack of offense.  It is harder to look at the D, when the time of possession was 32-10 at one point, you know they were sucking wind.

Quarterback-  Rex played pretty  much the perfect game the first quarter based on what they asked him to do.  His stats were something like 6/8, 63 yards, 1TD, 0INT for a 120.7 passer rating.  Things went horribly awry in the second half and while not all of it was his fault some does lay on him.  His two interception I don't know if they were his first read, but he just lobbed the ball.  Berrian and two Colts secondary were just sitting there waiting for a jump off.  He also hosed up two snaps.

Running Backs-  I have no problem with the running backs.  Benson went out early and Jones ran hard.  Both Benson and Jones had a fumble.

Wide Receivers- A bit harder to say how they were.  It seemed they didn't get any separation.  Berrian should have been able to burn by their secondary a few times.  Desmond Clark was no where in the first 3 quarters, then he shows up for a number of plays and then butterfingers a 4th down catch.

O-Line:  Thomas Jones had a 100 yard game, so they blocked alright, but their misses were just at the worst times.  A costly holding call, two jail breaks on Grossman on a good drive.

Ron Turner- Generally, I don't think about paying attention to play calling.  I just wath the game and see what happens, but even I couldn't figure out what we were doing.  Throwing on first, running on 3rd and long.  Why did it take us until the 4th quarter to start finding Clark in the middle?  Don't we also know that is the week spot in the Cover-2; although, I think the Colts played a lot of zone, it was still open.

One final think I want to ran on and it isn't game related.  The Super Bowl is the single biggest TV event of the year.  So the CBS pre game show starts off with JB doing a plug for Pizza Hut.   What the hell were they thinking?