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Bears Coaching Staff In Dissaray

This whole situation just keeps looking like more of a mess than previously viewed.  This story from the Tribune gives a run down on the situation with most of our staff.

Lovie Smith

The Bears have issued a denial, but sources confirm an offer for less than $3 million per season was made before the playoffs and that at that point Smith's agent, Frank Bauer, chose to break off talks. Chances appear to be increasing that Smith will begin coaching out the final year of his initial contract at a salary of $1.35 million.

Ron Rivera

Defensive coordinator Ron Rivera returned to Chicago on Monday on one of the four flights carrying the team and family members, while Dallas owner Jerry Jones was back in Dallas preparing for a final push in a head-coaching search that has Rivera on the short list. No interview was set as of late Monday, but the Cowboys were expected to formally request permission to meet with Rivera.

Dave Toub

Special-teams coordinator Dave Toub, whose contract is expiring, dismissed a report during Super Bowl week that he was headed for the same post with the Philadelphia Eagles. But a source said that talks with Toub, whose special teams rank among the NFL's best, are nearly beyond repair and that he is a long shot to stay with the Bears.

Wade Wilson not the only assistant with a chance to wind up in Dallas. Quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson, who has had a big part in developing Rex Grossman, is from Texas, is a Jones favorite and played three years for the Cowboys.

I don't know what is fact and what is from a real source or one of those other 'sources', but I know this, this squad of coaches got the Bears to the Super Bowl for the first time in 21 years and they did it in a 3 year span.  That doesn't happen all that often.  Stop pussyfooting around and pay them their money or let them go.  No more undercutting them on contract offers, go big or go home.  Smith is now worth between 4-5 million a year, it is really that simple.