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Bears Look to Get Young

One of the downsides to all the potential contracts the Bears will have to work on this year, most notably that of Lance Briggs, will be a few players that will not be back.  The two that are mentioned most are Ruben Brown and Ian Scott.

Word is the Bears would like to have him back, but might not be able to afford the 9-time Pro Bowler.  It looks that the Bears will look into Bengals guard Eric Steinbach.  Steinbach can also play tackle.

While I love having Brown on the team and based on him going to the Pro Bowl this year, he is still playing at a high level the fact remains that despite being one of the youngest teams in the league our offensive line is aging.  The line has an average age of 31 and 10 years experience.  Garza is youngest at 27.  Steinbach is 26 with 4 years in the league.

It is almost a lock that the Bears will draft at least one linemen if not more and could use our late first on one.

# 74 Ruben Brown
Position: G
Height: 6-3
Weight: 300
Born: 02/13/1972
College: Pittsburgh
NFL Experience: 12

# 65 Eric Steinbach    
Position: G
Height: 6-6
Weight: 290
Born: 04/04/1980
College: Iowa
NFL Experience: 4