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Poppa Manning Advising On Rex?

To some level I have been annoyed since Archie Manning has been thrown back into the NFL spotlight.  I suppose it started with the whole Eli Manning draft day incident and while I can appreciate a father wanting what he thinks is best for his kid, that fact is this is how the game is run and in the end he probably ended up hurting his kid.  Either way, my annoyance has always been tempered by the fact that I don't have to deal with him and can easily glance over his name when mentioned.

Then comes this.    Manning decides he needs to voice his opinion on what the Bears need to do with Rex Grossman.

"Peyton has more experience than Rex does," said Archie Manning, a former NFL quarterback whose youngest son, Eli, is the quarterback for the New York Giants.

"I talked to Dan Grossman (Rex's father) last Thursday. I love Rex; he is a great competitor. Rex and Eli are in the same era and they are at about the same stage of their careers. Rex got his team to the Super Bowl. This experience will help him, this is a start."

First off, nobody expected him to play at the level of Manning.  He can, but it wasn't needed with this team, we just needed an alright performance.

And while obviously he feels like he can speak on the subject because there are parallels between Grossman and Eli Manning, how he feels the need or right to speak out bothers me.  

Aside from just a "How does this concern you?" or "And you know what about our situation?", the big issue here is our team is ready and set to win the Super Bowl.  A team only has a small window for that and we can't be hanging around waiting for Grossman to develop.  We need somebody, we hope it is Grossman, who is ready to lead this team now.  So while I appreciate your just give him some time mantra, I also say step off.  You are the wrong person at the wrong time to be speaking on this topic.

I swear I have been reading Stampede Blue way too often.  I am getting mighty cranky in my old blogging age; although, I appreciate the irony(if that is the proper term) for me blaming BBS for this piece while I knock the dad of his team's best player.