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Garcia Would Like To Be A Bear?

This article while not all that in depth does at least hit on most of the names as far as available QBs go.

Garcia looks to be the biggest winner in free agency and might be sizing up the Bears.

''That's a team that is really well put together defensively and offensively,'' Garcia told the newspaper. ''That is a situation where you have to be honest with yourself and take a look at it. I'm not going to lie. That would be a situation that would make me think about certain things. Whether that happens or not, we'll have to see.''

All that is great, but we all know Garcia wants the money and the starting gig, if he can't find that with Chicago, then he will go else where.

As far as the other QBs out there, should we decide to bring one in, here is my take.

I am not interested in Plummer, Garcia, Leftwich or Schaub.  The first three are scrubs and the last thing we need is another QB that we are not sure what we are getting.

As mentioned in a prior post if by some miracle it did happen, I would be interested in Mcnabb.

The name that intrigues me the most is David Carr.  I still think he can be a great QB.  Get him behind a line that will you know block, give him a consistent running back and there could be something there.  Berrian was also a teammate of Carr's back in college, nice connection to have if you are looking to get him.