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Angelo and Smith Are Long Term Bears

UPDATE: Lovie Smith's deal is for 4 years at a total of 22 million.

Finally, after heartache and constant media ribbing the Bears have signed the two men most responsible for the success of the Bears.

I know some have been bashing Angelo for the cheapness of the Bears with Coach Smith, but just to clear that all up, he isn't responsible for that.  That all falls on team president Ted Phillips.  Angelo has consistently made the correct call in the draft and in free agency, even though the rest of the world seems to think he skimped.  Now that he is signed, I will refocus on the multi part piece I was going to do on him and how he molded this team.

There is no question, Smith is the identity of the Bears along with Brian Urlacher.  The sight of him standing like a rock on the side line guiding his team while other coaches jump wilding, flinging their arms, throwing their clipboards and headphones, is what a coach should be.  Has instilled a sense of team and responsibility in this team and has earned the team's respect.

This coming year with the departure of Ron Rivera, Smith will be one step closer to having the Bears D the way he wants and frankly that should scare the league.

No terms have been made official, but Angelo is signed through 2013 and Smith is signed through 2011, so stop the Smith to the Raiders or Colts or anybody else who has a job opening.