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Bears Stonewall Briggs

I have been critical of our front office many times, sometimes quite often.  I have been much more a fan since Angelo took permanent control of player movement and this move makes me like our guys even more.

Also props to this writer, one of a number, who calls Briggs out for going after the Bears instead of the NFL Players Union who agreed to the terms the Bears are operating under.

The part I am happy to see is this one:

The Bears will have no response to anything Briggs says or does until it affects his standing with the team or the depth chart. The earliest that could happen is early May during the first scheduled mini-camp after the NFL draft.

Briggs has alienated a town that practically worshiped him this year.  He is probably alienating some team members, though I imagine most sympathize.  He has devalued himself for trade talks on other teams and now he is waging a campaign against the team that loses nothing by letting him miss the year.  No money lost by us, all lost by Briggs.  Smart move, tough guy.