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Briggs Taking the Next Step

UPDATE: Just to further what I was saying about him playing enough games. If he sits out next season, his right remain with the Bears and he can be franchised again for what is thought to be the same amount as this year.

In what has become a yearly process for some team, a franchised player talks the talk.

Franchised LB Lance Briggs has stated that he has played his last snap with the Bears.  He is no more.  I know this is the the next normal step in this little dance some team has to do every year, but we all know how it ends.  Briggs is not sitting out nothing.  

He costs himself millions of dollars and lowers his value for when he does come back.

I am curious though if he has to play the 6 games that equates a season in contract terms or if the franchise carries through.  

Either way I say stick it to him.  If he sits, it costs us nothing and we can work on signing other players.  

Sitting out costs more money in future contracts then it is worth, plus he now gets labeled as hard to work with.