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WCG Mock Draft- Oakland (#1)

1. Oakland - JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU

It is clearly evident that the NFL is a Quarterback's league. Unfortunately, this organization's highlights at QB include the likes of Ken Stabler and Rich Gannon, both respectable in their time, but nothing too special. That is why, though the popular opinion of late has been that Calvin Johnson is the best talent and should go #1, there is no way anyone in their right mind should pass on a QB with the potential and physical ability that Russell has. The combination of strength, accuracy, size and mobility make him a commodity at his position in the NFL. A QB that big shouldn't be able to move as well as he does and still make the throws that he does. Although Johnson looks like a solid player, Randy Moss is still a very good veteran receiver; he just hasn't had anyone who could actually get the ball to him.

We all know that whoever QB's this team will have to be a guy who is comfortable being forced out of the pocket, and Brady Quinn is not that QB. Neither is Andrew Walter. Russell has all the qualities needed to succeed in this situation. This offensive line struggles, and a pocket QB like Quinn or Walter will not succeed under these circumstances. Russell, however, has shown that he has no problem scrambling until he finds an open target and has consistently shown the ability to deliver an accurate pass while on the move.

The best player in the draft will be drafted #1. No single position in the game is more important than QB and that makes JaMarcus the best player available. That is why the Oakland Raiders will select him #1 overall and get the organization back on the road to success in the NFL. And come on, who doesn't want to see this 6-5 255 lb beast of a man, eloquently dressed in classic silver and black, ferociously run over helpless defenders while throwing a perfect bomb for a score.

Drafter- bears fan louie

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