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2nd Annual WCG Mock Draft

OK, we are now officially open for people to pick a second team.  I have filled in those who have already offered to take one.  I tried to give you who you asked for or if you didn't I tried to put you in the same division since you are probably more familiar with those teams.  There are still spots open (by my count 7), if you want a second team, sign up now.

1    Oakland Raiders (bears fan louie)
2    Detroit Lions (South Side Irish)
3    Cleveland Browns (elagoalie11 )
4    Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NoisewaterMD)
5    Arizona Cardinals (Hurricane Dikta)  
6    Washington Redskins (cookding)
7    Minnesota Vikings (IrishGush)
8    Houston Texans (Scruffy Lefty)
9    Miami Dolphins (McRipper)
10    Atlanta Falcons (Coach Owens)
11    San Francisco 49ers (RME JICO)    
12    Buffalo Bills (BG)
13    St. Louis Rams (Scruffy Lefty)
14    Carolina Panthers (RME JICO)  
15    Pittsburgh Steelers (shawngoldman)   
16    Green Bay Packers (chad)  
17    Jacksonville Jaguars (River City Rage)   
18    Cincinnati Bengals (elagoalie11)    
19    Tennessee Titans (quartz77277)  
20    New York Giants (Coach Owens)   
21    Denver Broncos    
22    Dallas Cowboys (IrishGush)   
23    Kansas City Chiefs (tyger1147 )  
24    New England Patriots (from Seattle)  
25    New York Jets (DTK)  
26    Philadelphia Eagles (SouthernSlam)  
27    New Orleans Saints (James @ Sweet Home Sports)  
28    New England Patriots (tyger1147)   
29    Baltimore Ravens (jrm78 )  
30    San Diego Chargers (Electrogasm)    
31    Chicago Bears (Chad)  
32    Indianapolis Colts (BBS)