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Free Agency Offerings

This will likely be a pretty boring free agency period where the Bears are concerned.  Outside of locking up our own players, the only player I have heard that we have interest in is Bengals lineman Eric Steinbach and he is likely to be priced out of what we would pay for him.

Here is ESPN's list of the top 30 unrestricted free agents.  Take a look, anybody you thing would make sense for us.  Be realistic.

I don't think the Bears and Briggs issue will be cleared up soon enough if we wanted to move for a guys like Porter or June not that they or I am interested in them.  If we were June more so than Porter.

One guy not on this list that might be interesting is Jermaine Wiggins who was recently release by the Vikings.  Since we don't really need a TE in the draft, how about brining in a guy like Wiggins for depth.  We really don't have anybody behind Clark.  Over the last three years he has around 1300 yards receiving and 6TDs.  Not bad for a guy who was the Vikings 10th? option.