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WCG Mock Draft- Tampa Bay (#4)

4. Tampa Bay - Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson

If the actual draft shakes out this way, Tampa will be very disappointed. Joe Thomas would have filled their most pressing need. Calvin Johnson would have come in and immediately been a legitimate scoring threat. With both these prospects gone, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Bucs attempt to trade down with a team looking move up and select Brady Quinn. If the Bucs stay at #4, I think the pick will be Gaines Adams. Adams is a terrific pass rusher with great natural athleticism. Adams reminds me a lot of 2006 Bears draft pick Mark Anderson. Physically, the two men are very similar. However, Adams is an inch taller and more athletic than Anderson.

  The Bucs defense started to show its age last season and a young explosive pass rusher like Gaines Adams can only help to improve the mediocre unit. Simeon Rice is injury prone and not the player he was two or three seasons ago. Derrick Brooks and Rhonde Barber are also entering the twilight of their careers. Tampa has to start infusing young talent into this defense or risk watching it continue to decline with age.

Drafter- NoisewaterMD

On the clock- Arizona (Hurricane Dikta)

WCG Mock Draft

1)Oakland-JaMarcus Russell,QB,LSU
2)Detroit Joe Thomas,OT,Wisconsin
3)Cleveland- Calvin Johnson,WR,Georgia Tech
4)Tampa- Gaines Adams,DE,Clemson