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Archuleta To The Bears

The Bears finally took a dip in the off season pool today, acquiring safety Adam Archuleta from the Washington Redskins.  The deal is for a reported 6th round conditional pick, dependent on Archuleta's performance.

Hogs Haven and I have been talking this one up for the past few weeks and it is high time it came to a head.

After reworking his deal, the Bears will pay Archuleta 8.1 million over 3 years with 5 million guaranteed.

Coach Smith has been trying to get Archuleta for a number of years now, believing that he is more of a system guy and if put in the right situation he can return to his St. Louis form.  The theory that I am hearing is the Bears will use him in pass rushing plays and more run stop then actual pass protection.  

Archuleta is a extremely athletic guy who has gotten lost in the Redskins system.

From a draft stand point, I think this probably takes safety out of the mix.  The Bears will likely pass unless someone falls through to themin the second.