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WCG Mock Draft- Cleveland (#3)

3.Cleveland - Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech

Our Cleveland drafter has picked Johnson, but did not include a write up, so I am going to do a quick opinion on it.  If you want to write up one of this pick send it my way and I will add it on.

Cleveland picking Johnson in my opinion is insane.  They just drafted their star receiver in Braylon Edwards.  I think there would be conflict issues if Johnson quickly proved to be better.

Your quarterbacks are Derek Anderson and Charlie Frye, think about it.  No offense, but read those names again.  You have the chance to draft a potential star in this league.

All that said Calvin Johnson is labeled by most as the best athlete in the draft.  He has the highest Randy Moss rookie year potential.  He has size, strength, speed and good hops.  I don't think you can wrong choosing Johnson unless you don't need him and do need a QB in a bad way.

Drafter- elagoalie11

On the clock- Tampa Bay (NoisewaterMD)

WCG Mock Draft

1)Oakland-JaMarcus Russell,QB,LSU

2)Detroit Joe Thomas,OT,Wisconsin

3) Cleveland- Calvin Johnson,WR,Georgia Tech