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WCG Mock Draft- Arizona (#5)

5. Arizona - Alan Branch, DT, Michigan

Here is one tricky pick.  You look at who is left on the board and then you look at the needs for the Cardinals.  Obviously, they are pretty set at the WR, QB and RB position.  Sure, the Edge is not what he used to be, but you don't make a monetary commitment like that to a guy that you plan on benching or cutting.  Having said that, I think that takes Adrian Peterson out.  (I would trade down BTW, by finding someone that really wants AP badly)  Next, they seem to have trouble on the offensive line and the secondary.  I don't see a line anchoring tackle that is worth of the 5th pick.  Joe Thomas would have been great, but he's off our board.  The next best tackle is Levi Brown and I'm not sure he's top 5 material.

Secondary was terrible for the Cards last year and LaRon Landry is still on the board, but that maybe a stretch at #5.  Why not trade down a few picks and get him at 10 or so? And I don't see a cornerback who is worth the number 5.

So what's my point.  My point is that it's time for the best available and i think its Alan Branch.  He's huge and can dominate.  Maybe he doesn't fix any real holes for the Cards but he can become a Warren Sapp/Tommie Harris type of defensive lineman, and who doesn't need that?

Drafter- Chad

On the clock- Washington (cookding)

WCG Mock Draft

1)Oakland-JaMarcus Russell,QB,LSU

2)Detroit Joe Thomas,OT,Wisconsin

3)Cleveland- Calvin Johnson,WR,Georgia Tech

4)Tampa- Gaines Adams,DE,Clemson

5)Arizona- Alan Branch,DT,Michigan