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More on the Archuleta, Briggs Update

There might have been more to the this deal happening then just Archuleta's on field ability and getting rid of big contract numbers.  

Redskins' upper management believed Archuleta was a primary source for an ESPN article that was highly critical of the team's defense.

It wouldn't matter if he was playing at a Pro Bowl level, but for 4th stringers, that type of think gets you shipped out.

According to this article says Archuleta is expected to be our starting strong safety playing next to Danieal Manning.  That would suggest the the Bears are not going to put their eggs in Mike Brown's basket.  The Bears are expected to approach Brown about a contract restructure.  Brown's contract pays him 2.49 million each of the next two years and if he doesn't agree the Brown may be on his way out.  However, if he does agree and comes off the bench the safety position becomes a strength for us, with two former starters on the bench.


Lance Brigg's agent was on The Best Damn Sports Show and in it he outlined the options for Briggs, one did include him returning to the Bears.  He said there has been interest from some other teams about acquiring Briggs.  Those teams are believed to be the Washington Redskins (who are interested in everybody), the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers.