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WCG Mock Draft Update

Here is the new order taking into consideration the recent Matt Schaub deal.

Also PLEASE if you are one of the drafters look at where you are drafting.  I would like to get to 3 a day.  You can guess an estimate on where you when you will be up.  We have already had to get a fill in for one spot and if I don't get an email soon, we will be looking for a fill in for our current spot.  If you will not be able to take your spot, please let me know asap, so I can try to find a replacement.  Thanks

1    Oakland Raiders (bears fan louie)
2    Detroit Lions (South Side Irish)
3    Cleveland Browns (elagoalie11 )
4    Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NoisewaterMD)
5    Arizona Cardinals (Hurricane Dikta)

6    Washington Redskins (cookding)
7    Minnesota Vikings (IrishGush)
8    Atlanta Falcons (Coach Owens)
9    Miami Dolphins (McRipper)
10   Houston Texans (Scruffy Lefty)
11   San Francisco 49ers (RME JICO)    
12   Buffalo Bills (BG)
13   St. Louis Rams (Scruffy Lefty)
14   Carolina Panthers (RME JICO)  
15   Pittsburgh Steelers (shawngoldman)  
16   Green Bay Packers (chad)  
17   Jacksonville Jaguars (River City Rage)  
18   Cincinnati Bengals (elagoalie11)    
19   Tennessee Titans (quartz77277)  
20   New York Giants (Coach Owens)  
21   Denver Broncos (CrownedA**)    
22   Dallas Cowboys (IrishGush)  
23   Kansas City Chiefs (tomas21)  
24   New England Patriots (from Seatte)(tyger1147)  
25   New York Jets (DTK)  
26   Philadelphia Eagles (SouthernSlam)  
27   New Orleans Saints (James @ Sweet Home Sports)  
28   New England Patriots (tyger1147)  
29   Baltimore Ravens (jrm78 )  
30   San Diego Chargers (Electrogasm)    
31   Chicago Bears (Chad)  
32   Indianapolis Colts (BBS)