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WCG Mock Draft- Washington (#6)

6. Washington - Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas

The big three the team had targeted as this spot were Alan Branch, Gaines Adams, and Jamaal Anderson. Branch is largely credited as the best DT of the Draft though the Redskins Coaching staff has expressed an interest in Amobi Okoye as well (likely in a trade down scenario). Gaines Adams is allegedly the best Pass Rusher of the draft and that's where the 'Skins couldn't possibly have been any worse in '06: with just 19 sacks we finished dead last.

Read that again: 19 sacks. That's two more than Shawn Merriman had by himself, in 12 games. That's 3 fewer than Michael Strahan had by himself in 2002. That's pitiful.

So much of the Redskins dismal defensive performance in '06 was a direct result of this non-existent pass rush. It allowed opposing QBs all the time in the world, ultimately aiding them in accumulating a 97.8 rating against the Redskins (also dead last in the league). With the addition of London Fletcher to bolster the linebacking unit, and Fred "Love Boat" Smoot to assist in coverage (along with the return of injured safety Pierson Prioleau and recent pickup Omar Stoutmire as backup), the D-Line was the one position the Redskins haven't really touched in Free Agency. I have no doubt they burn #6 on a DE, and the absence of Adams makes this an easy choice. Jamaal Anderson.

Drafter- Skin Patrol

On the clock- Minnesota Vikings (IrishGush)

WCG Mock Draft

1)Oakland-JaMarcus Russell,QB,LSU

2)Detroit Joe Thomas,OT,Wisconsin

3)Cleveland- Calvin Johnson,WR,Georgia Tech

4)Tampa- Gaines Adams,DE,Clemson

5)Arizona- Alan Branch,DT,Michigan

6) Washington- Jamaal Anderson,DE,Arkansas