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More on Archuleta's Contract

Again thanks to Hogs Haven for pointing this Skins blog piece with some info on the numbers of Archuleta's contract.

Also, a lot of people have reported that Arch will get $8.1 over 3 years in his new deal with the Bears, but not so fast. I have heard that in fact, he did agree to void out a bunch of years of the existing contract with the Skins and will make essentially the vet. min in base salary all three years, with the total $7.1 over three years, including the $5 million bonus.

The deal does include $1 million in incentives, and not entirely out of reach incentives, which coulld bring the entire take to $8.1 for AD should he reach them. But the raw numbers are $7.1 over 3.

The Skins would have paid him $11.2 million over the first three years of his old deal, so in camparison to that the Bears got a bargain and AD clearly left a big chunk on the table just to get out of dodge.

Then again, to flip the script, the Redskins gave him $5.6 million for one season - about the going rate for a quality safety in free agency (although obviously way too much for any team's "personal protector") - while the Bears will pay him an average of $2.4 million a season, less than half of that.

At this point, barring his physical, he is ours, so I really don't care what money he is making as long as he does his part.