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Another Briggs Suitor Out Of The Running

UPDATE: Tip to IrishGush, who pointed out that San Francisco is looking for players who can run the 3-4 and Briggs has expressed that he would not be a good fit for that scheme. Strike three, Lance.

This thing could not have worked any worse for Briggs and his PR.  Not only is he getting a reaction from fans and journalists that I don't recall ever having seen in situations like this, now apparently nobody wants him.

As reported earlier, Briggs' agent, Drew Rosenhaus, did an interview on Tuesday laying out the possibilities for Briggs.  One was the Bears offer Briggs a long term contract(which they did at the beginning of last season), the next was the Bears remove the franchise tag and let him sign elsewhere.  The last was the Bears trade him.  Rosenhaus listed three teams as being interested in Briggs.  They were San Francisco, Seattle and Washington.  Seattle's Team President has already denied this.  Now the Redskins have done the same.  From Vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato:

Redskins do not want to deal their first-rounders in 2007 and 2008 for Chicago Pro Bowl linebacker Lance Briggs, who vowed never to play for the Bears again after his market value was reduced when they made him their franchise player.
    "There's no merit whatsoever," Cerrato said of those rumors.

Now this is the NFL, so talk is cheap, but it certainly doesn't help Briggs out any.  

I have a very hard time actually seeing Briggs sitting out the season, so it is looking heavily like he will have to sign the franchise contract or work something out with the Bears.

Is it just me or are the Bears and Redskins just destined to be linked every off season? Last year it was Archuleta and Randle El. This year it is again Archuleta and now Briggs.