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When Bears Attack

I know that my choice in post titles is a bit played out, but I going to run with it.

You know somewhere Rex Grossman is sitting down with Kyle Orton having a beer and they are both just laughing their heads off.  This off season could have easily been all about Grossman and what happened in the Super Bowl, but then game Archuleta and Lance Briggs.

See the Chicago Zoo is currently featuring two very different types of bears.  First is the Panda Bear that is Adam Archuleta.  For whatever reason he sees fit to bash his former team, Washington, but he refuses to do it in a nasty and brash way.  He does it all cutesy and non straight forward.

I don't regret signing with the Redskins," said Archuleta, who chose Washington over Chicago as a free agent in 2006 and is now reunited with Bears coach Lovie Smith, his defensive coordinator during his first three NFL seasons. "The communication between me and certain members of the coaching staff was pretty nonexistent for the last few months of the season. I could air a whole bunch of different laundry. There's a lot more going on [at Redskin Park] than people understand."

See let Briggs take some lessons.  He starts out by throwing out a "Let's smooth things over, it wasn't that bad" line, then takes his jab at Skins Management.  He finishes up by basically saying "You'll get yours, when we play", but does it in a way that if you try to call him out he can easily sneak out from under it.

"I'm looking forward to the fans of Washington actually seeing what I'm capable of doing and what I could have been doing in a Redskins uniform."

On the other hand, Briggs is like a big mean Grizzly Bears, who just comes in growling and claws a-swingin making a big ol mess of things.

He has already alienated almost anybody he can thing of and by refusing to talk to non-national media comes across like he is trying to manipulate things.  Now he has ex-players taking shots at him.  You know it is bad when players go at each other as NFL Total Access co-host Rod Woodson gave him a hard time about not accepting the franchise contract.  

Instead of trying to persuade us and bring us over to his side, he drops this:

I don't fit in the plans for Chicago next year, and they've already poisoned it. They can't pay [Urlacher and me]; they can't pay us both. My position is, well, then I have to go."

Who exactly poisoned this?  This has to be the worst run campaign I have ever seen to get a player big time money or out of a city.  After the Loive Smith incident, Briggs was in prime shape to take a run at the Bears.  Every media source around was screaming to the rafters about how cheap the Bears are.  This cannot end well for Briggs.  As soon as he gets through this he needs to fire his agent and pick up a PR firm to help reshape his image, because his is plummeting.