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WCG Mock Draft- Miami (#9)

9. Miami- Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville

Assuming the draft plays out like this, this will be the pick.  Okoye is too good to let pass up here.  The Dolphins have an aging defensive line and this pick makes the most sense.  Their secondary is less than desirable but after Laron Landry, I don't think any DB is worth this high of a pick.  I think Levi Brown could be a very strong possibility here as well but when you look at Okoye and his attributes, you have to pull the trigger on him.  He's only 20 years old and has been playing Division 1 college football for 4 years.  This guy reminds me a lot of the type of DT that Tommie Harris is.  Fast, explosive, and strong.  I'm not going to include combine #'s because I think they're overrated.  If you can play football, you can play football.  This guy can play football and will help protect Joey Porter and Zach Thomas as well as free up Jason Taylor (which is scary if you think about the year he had last year).  This defense isn't getting any younger and the Dolphins need youth on the unit.  Look what happened to the Bucs' defense.  They aged 10 years over a season.  DT's are one of the most important pieces to a great defense and I think Okoye will be better than Branch from Michigan.  I think the Dolphins are in great condition to challenge the Patriots if they can only solve their QB situation.

Drafter- McRipper

On the clock- Houston Texans(Scruffy Lefty)

2007 NFL Mock Draft - First Round
Pick Team Player Pos. College
1 Oakland Raiders JaMarcus Russell QB LSU
2 Detroit Lions Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin
3 Cleveland Browns Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech
4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Gaines Adams DE Clemson
5 Arizona Cardinals Alan Branch dT Michigan
6 Washington Redskins Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas
7 Minnesota Vikings Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame
8 Atlanta Falcons LaRon Landry S LSU
9 Miami Dolphins Amobi Okoye DT Louisville