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Angelo Is A Cool Cat

I spend all that time writing out that post, only to bury with another.  Here is some info that I had not seen before from the Daily Southtown.

Rosenhaus hunted down Angelo at the Owner's Meeting to work on this.  Angelo pretty much rebuffed him and later had this to say.

"I don't really want to get into all that," Angelo said. "Our agenda here is not to talk about Lance Briggs. This is an owners' meeting. That just kind of happened."


On the talks that the Skins were ready to offer a trade for Briggs.

"If somebody makes an offer, they have to come to us, and nobody from the Redskins has come to me in an official capacity with anything," Angelo said. "So, that's where it is. I'm not going to comment on media speculation, because there was a lot of it last night, as I'm sure there is today.

"What was said last night was, to my knowledge, inaccurate. Nobody from the Redskins called me to offer us anything."

I wonder if I am part of the media, because I have to have put more words down on Briggs then just about anybody given my medium.

Then there is this piece, which could just be somebody's attempt to play off of the Thomas Jones situation.  

The Bears technically would still be able to franchise Briggs again in `08, but Angelo, in a meeting with the Pro Bowl linebacker Monday, reportedly promised not to tag him in `08 if he gave the Bears a full commitment in `07.

Angelo refused to comment stating that is an in-house matter and any information about this will not come from the Bears camp.


Just keep shutting him down until they are so desperate and foaming at the mouth that they will agree to almost anything just to get something done.