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WCG Mock Draft- St. Louis (#13)

13. St. Louis- Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska

For a team that ranked 6th in the NFL in total offense (4th in passing), but ranked 23rd in total defense (31st in rushing), it's obvious that the Rams' needs are on defense (hasn't it "always" been?). While they could use help in the secondary, they spent their top pick on cornerback Tye Hill last year. With Will Witherspoon as the best legitimate linebacker, it was also a big need, but they allowed themselves some flexibility in the draft by signing the "solid" but unspectacular Chris Draft.

As one site put it: Upgrading the run defense will be the Rams top priority, but finding defensive linemen that can pressure the quarterback is also very high on their list of needs.

Luckily for the Rams, Defensive End Adam Carriker from Nebraska is a player that can fill both needs. Click here to view just one profile of him. It's easy to say that he'll never be a superstar or that he may not have the potential to be a Pro Bowler more than once or twice and only in his career year(s), he's a perfect pick. At 6'6", 290 pounds, Carriker is a great hybrid defensive lineman. It's almost too cliché and too irrelevant to cite players of recent success at his position from his school, but the relative success of Chris Kelsay and Kyle Vanden Bosch beg me to do so.

While he's up there in size compared to the Bears defensive tackles, he played almost exclusively defensive end in college. He'll be an above-average pass-rusher at the tackle spot on passing downs, and he'll be an above-average run-stopper at the end position all other downs. Plus, with his size and quickness, and a motor that seemingly doesn't quit, he'll make as great of an impact on a consistent basis as any lineman in this draft.

It may seem like a reach, Carriker has been moving up some boards. Plus, with Alan Branch, Amobi Okoye and Laron Landry all gone, Carriker is the safest pick at this point.

Others considered: Leon Hall - CB (Michigan), Ted Ginn, Jr. - WR (Ohio State), Reggie Nelson - S (Florida)

Drafter- tyger1147

On the clock-  Carolina Panthers (RME JICO)

2007 NFL Mock Draft - First Round
Pick Team Player Pos. College Drafter
1 Oakland Raiders JaMarcus Russell QB LSU bears fan louie
2 Detroit Lions Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin South Side Irish
3 Cleveland Browns Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech elagoalie11
4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Gaines Adams DE Clemson NoisewaterMD
5 Arizona Cardinals Alan Branch DT Michigan Chad
6 Washington Redskins Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas Skin Patrol
7 Minnesota Vikings Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame IrishGush
8 Atlanta Falcons LaRon Landry S LSU Coach Owens
9 Miami Dolphins Amobi Okoye DT Louisville McRipper
10 Houston Texans Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma Scruffy Lefty
11 San Francisco 49ers Patrick Willis LB Ole Miss RME JICO
12 Buffalo Bills Paul Posluszny LB Penn St. Brian G
13 St. Louis Adam Carriker DE Nebraska tyger1147