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Bears To Counter Redskins

Though the Bears are thought to turn down the Redskins official offer of their #6 pick for our #31 and LB Lance Briggs, Angelo is working on a counter offer.  The end is if the Bears trade Briggs, they want more.

General manager Jerry Angelo returned to Chicago from the league's annual meeting Wednesday night and is believed to be preparing a counteroffer to the Redskins' proposal of a swap of first-round draft picks that would move the Bears from No. 31 to No. 6. The Bears are thought to want a better package in exchange for a Pro Bowl linebacker that might include a combination of players or future draft picks.

The Bears also might shop the offer to other teams, although one sticking point will be the multi year contract -- which will average $7.5 million per year and include a $20 million signing bonus -- that the Redskins reportedly are ready to give Briggs.

I think my position is quite clear.  I don't care about the draft value of the two picks, if somebody wants Briggs they need to give up something be it players or extra picks.