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SB Official Mock Draft

This year with all but four teams represented the SB bloggers will venture into the realm of the mock draft and not just any mock draft.  A three round mock draft.  With much behind the scenes deliberation the rules were laid out.  It has also been decided that Field Gulls will be the host site.

For this site's part, I will not be posting every pick on it's own, that is way too many non-Bears posts.  What I am planning to do is do a recap post every 5 picks while in the first round and then once we hit the second and third rounds I will do it maybe once every 10-15 picks.

We are hoping to knock this out in around 2 weeks from what I have heard.  Trades are allowed.

While I fully plan on making the pick based on what I think they will do, I would like to hear your thoughts on who you either want or think they will pick and why.