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Free Agency Update

Just because we aren't in it doesn't mean we can't report on it.

Browns sign Eric Steinbach to 7-year deal worth 49.5 million
Falcons get FB Ovie Mughelli at 18 million over 5 years
Eagles resign Juqua Thomas for 5 years worth 12.5
Niners sign both Nate Clements and Mike Lewis, Clements to an 80 million, 10 year deal.
Redskins sign London Fletcher-Baker to 5 year deal worth 25 million
Bills get OG Derrick Dockery at 7 years for 49 million
Jags wrap up Tony Pashos
Rams trade for DE James Hall
Bucs sign Patrick Chukwurah for 5 years at 5.5 million, then sign Jeff Garcia and still complete trade for Jake Plummer?
Patriots sign Adalius Thomas

UPDATES: Broncos sign Dan Wilkinson, ePatriots sign Wes Walker to an offer sheet and Cowboys picked up the option on Terry Glenn, Rams sign Drew Bennett

Who got the best deal?