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Briggs Trade Update

Not that this is anything new, but I don't I haven't put it front page.

John Clayton, a Stampede Blue favorite, has reported that the Bears are tempted to take the Redskins offer of their #6 pick in exchange for the Bears #31 and LB Lance Briggs.

The Bears would hold on to the pick, hoping Calvin Johnson by some miracle falls to them.  If he was not available, they would look to move back a number places and look to select Patrick Willis.

I have been against the trade since day one and still think we are giving away too much, but the idea of drafting Patrick Willis has been growing on me and if and I mean a big IF Johnson falls to us, then screw the value, I am a happy man.

On a side note, we would then get to watch Skin Patrol over at Hogs Haven freak out.