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Chicago GMs Get Some Love

Recently Forbes published their top GMs in all of sports.  Both Bears GM Jerry Angelo and Bulls GM John Paxson placed in the top 10.

Here is the top 10:

1-Kevin McHale NBA Minnesota Timberwolves
2-Jay Feaster NHL Tampa Bay Lightning
3-Billy King NBA Philadelphia 76ers
4-A.J. Smith NFL San Diego Chargers
5-Lou Lamoriello NHL New Jersey Devils
6-Don Waddell NHL Atlanta Thrashers
7-Marty Hurney NFL Carolina Panthers
8-Jerry Angelo NFL Chicago Bears
9-Bill Polian NFL Indianapolis Colts
10-John Paxson NBA Chicago Bulls

Hmmmmm, the two Super Bowl teams in the top 10.  Go figure.

Our NFC North brethren did not fair so well.  Minny's Rob Brzezinski came in at 72 and Detroit's Millen at 96.  Since Green Bay is not listed, I can only assume they still operate without a GM.

Thanks to biglowitzki for dropping the full list.