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Jones a Jet, Ced is the man

I tell you what, a man can't even go to see a movie without something big going down.  

As if you haven't been reading the diary section, the Bears have traded running back Thomas Jones to the New York Jets.

The deal, still dependent on Jones passing a physical and agreeing to a new contract, sends Jones and their number 63 pick in the 2nd round of this year's draft in exchange for the Jets #37 2nd round pick.

Personally, I am a fan of Thomas Jones, but we picked Benson to be our franchise running back.  We are paying him a lot of money, time to give him the reigns and see what he can do.

I am not looking to step on whatever Angelo has in mind, but I wouldn't mind packaging the two and moving up. At least from a "get somebody we have heard of" stand point. Nothing against Danieal Manning, but it made for awful posting.