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Trade In the Works Since Season Began

Here is some more information concerning the Thomas Jones trade.

The Bears and Jets had talked at some point last year about trading Jones.

A possible trade to the Colts also fell through prior to last season.

Jones asked for the trade last season.  After talks with Angelo an agreement was made.  If Jones gave everything he had to the Bears this year, the Bears would:

would keep an open mind and fairly explore ways to grant Jones his wish.

A deal is expected to be announced on Tuesday for Jones by the Jets barring passing a physical.  It has about $12 million in guaranteed money.

While I am a Jones fan, have been for years living out here in VA, this seemed like a gentlemen's agreement.  Jones played hard for us this year and had a lot to do with us beating the Saints this year.  I wish him well.

On the down side, this causes the Briggs issue to flare up.  You know he is going to be using Jones as an example.  The Bears have said they are not surprised that Briggs went public, that has to make you wonder if Brigg is just a bad character guy.  If it surprised nobody, you must have been doing something to build that reputation.