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Angelo Hardlines Briggs

The Bears have come under a lot of heat this off season.  A lot of it I feel unfairly.  It is nice; although, not as strong as I would like, to see Angelo speak on the Briggs issue.

His message was simple: we expect you to play this year.  The Bears are not planning on trading Briggs and so far no other teams have contacted them.

Prior to this season the Bears had a 6 year, 33 million dollar deal on the table and Briggs and his agent passed.  They were also told the the franchise tag would be a possibility and they still opted to pass.

You all know how I feel, the Bears aren't doing anything that every other team in this league wouldn't do.  They have a Pro Bowler who they want to keep, who expects to be treated like a king and wants a contract that would completely handcuff that team and now he is ticked off because he can't have his way.  I say go cry to your pathetic excuse of an agent and see you at camp with your one year deal or see you at home making nada.