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SBN Mock Draft- Bears 2nd Round Pick

Michael Griffin, S, Texas

I had no plans to take a safety here.  I didn't want to take a safety here.  I was thinking maybe I would hit up an offensive line pick, maybe see what receivers were still available, but that was before Michael Griffin and Brandon Meriweather just ended up in front of me.  I would have never thought they would have dropped this far.

I felt comfortable with either as the Bears have had much success with kids coming out of both Texas and Miami.  Cedric Benson, Nathan Vashar and Devin Hester all came from those schools, so I feel relatively safe in making this pick.  They both have 1st round talent, so getting them in the second is good deal.

Based on what I have read there isn't a whole lot to separate the two based on numbers.  I went with Griffin because he has a bigger frame, so he can put on some bulk, he ran a slightly faster 40 time, weighs a few pounds more and is an inch taller.  Griffin is the safer player as
Meriweather is known to be a bit reckless.

He won't be an immediate starter as the Bears have Mike Brown, Adam Archuleta, Danieal Manning and a few backups all capable at those spots, but if talk of Manning moving to corner is true and Brown has yet another season cut short by injury Griffin could turn out to be a big time player for us.

Something I thought of later is that Meriweather was involved in that Miami brawl last year, so character issues might be an issue, but overall I don't know his history.