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VA Tech Shooting

I had a hard time deciding whether to post about this, I have decided to do so.

I live in Virginia Beach and have been on campus, though not for much more than passing, but I know plenty of people who have gone to VA. Tech and know one who is currently on campus, for the record she is alright.

Today a lone gunman opened fire in a dorm and later in a classroom.  The end results of a near 2 hour rampage was 31 dead including the shooter, at least he got one shot right.

While this is certainly a tragedy, this brings to light another problem.  While investigations were being held about the first shooting, students of the campus were not told of the potentially dangerous situation until nearly two hours later and no details were given other than a shooting happened.

This is the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

I will post additional news as available in the diaries section.

For whatever it is worth keep their families in your thoughts.

For more info you can check here or our local paper the Pilot