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NFL Draft Shift

Over the weekend something changed, I don't know exactly what it is, but it did.

The biggest changes is dead smack at the top.  A number of mock drafts now list Oakland as taking Calvin Johnson as the #1, dropping Russell near the three spot.

I have also read that Detroit would consider drafting Johnson if available and immediately start working on a trade with some other team.

Joe Thomas is starting to slip and slide all over the draft.  I still see him at 2, but he is dropping as low as 6 some places.  

Gaines Adams seems to be the big winner with Thomas sliding, as he is showing up at #2.

In the end this might not change the Bears draft at all, but in general you throw another QB in the mix past #1 and somebody is going to bite.  A player or players we might not have expected to be available could still be around.