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Mock Draft Update

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Since the Bears are content to do absolutely nothing until the draft all I have left is to look at what people think they will do.  Here is an update on what the mock drafts are saying.

As you can see there has been a slight change in what is expected. We have gone from a Greg Olsen and Ben Grubbs heavy look, to Ben Grubbs and Jon Beason dominating the current thinking.

Like many I am almost certain that the Bears will be moving one way or another. We have enough starters in place that we can lose some picks if Angelo is in love with a player, but as always Angelo loves the draft, so he just as easily could be looking to collect picks. Either way, you would be betting on a big time dog, if you think he stays here.

Site Player
Fantasy Football Jungle Jon Beason,OLB,Miami
Mock Draft City Quinn Pitcock,DT,OSU
NFL Mock Draft Tank Tyler,DT,NCSU
Walter's Football Jon Beason,OLB,Miami
Huddle Geeks Lawrence Timmons,LB,FSU
Fantasy Football Xtreme Quinn Pitcock,DT,OSU
FF Cheat Sheets Quentin Moses,DE,Georgia
MT's Mock Draft Ben Grubbs,G,Auburn
Planet Steelers Justin Blalock,G,Texas
Great Blue North Lawrence Timmons,LB,FSU
Draft Tek Jon Beason,LB,Miami
Football's Future Robert Meachem,WR,Tenn.
Draft Season Jon Beason,LB,Miami
Junkyard Jake Joe Staley,T,Central Mich.
East Coast Sports Lawrence Timmons,LB,FSU
Malconium Justin Harrell,DT,Tenn.
Patriots Draft Insider Jon Beason,LB,Miami
KXO Radio Robert Meachem,WR,Tenn.
2007 Mock Draft Steve Smith,WR,USC
Football Forcasters Ben Grubbs,G,Auburn
On The Clock Draft Greg Olsen,TE,Miami
FOX Sports (#1) Jon Beason,OLB,Miami
FOX Sports (#2) Ben Grubbs,G,Auburn
Sportsline (The Sports XChange) Arron Sears,T,Tenn.
Sportsline (Clark Judge) Ben Grubbs,G,Auburn
Sportsline (Pete Prisco) Jon Beason,OLB,Miami