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Bears Need D

I think I have been relatively clear that I think the Bears should look at LB for their first round pick if they stay where they are and if at least one of Paul Posluszny, Jon Beason and Lawrence Timmons are still on the board.  Linebackers and  offensive linemen are both very deep this year, but linebackers will be coming off the board earlier and there would be less chances to get a top guy if we went another way.  I certainly don't have a problem is they want to go offensive line, but unless a big name drops I think drafting a backup might be wasting that first pick.  This article from the Chicago Sun-Times seems to have the same idea.

Who will complain if the Bears draft Auburn guard Ben Grubbs or Miami tight end Greg Olsen at No. 31? Who will complain if they trade down again for a combination of picks that can be used to improve the offense?

Somebody should complain. The simple fact is a team like the Bears never can have enough defensive players. Even with a draft full of them last year, the Bears ran thin at the end of the season, failing to come anywhere near the statistics they produced in the first 10 games over the last six. With linebacker Lance Briggs threatening to hold out, you can make a compelling argument that what the Bears need to do is draft the best outside linebacker on the board, followed by the best defensive tackle and then the best defensive back. Or some combination of those positions.