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Lions and Bucs Swap Spots?

PFT is reporting a rumor they have and are trying to verify it, but the Lions and the Bucs have worked out a deal that would send the Lions #2 pick to Tampa Bay for Tampa's #4 pick and defensive end Simeon Rice.

This type of move has been reported before, but I have not seen names attached until now.

As far as why I am reporting this, it is because this is ideal for the Bears.  The Lions know that if they pass on Johnson and he becomes a huge star they will never live it down, but having drafted a wide receiver in the first round in each of the last 3 drafts, you know they want nothing to do with that position.  Tampa is known to covet Georgia Tech receiver Calvin Johnson, though that could be a big smoke screen and in the end who doesn't covet Johnson?  The reason this is good for the Bears is simple, it gets Johnson out of the division.  True, we are likely to play Tampa Bay often, as the league tries to maintain the rivalries they built prior to their move, but we won't have to deal with Johnson twice a year and that my friends is a good thing.

As PFT goes on to report is if Oakland takes Johnson, then the draft just spins into a melee as people have to go back to the drawing board as players slide or move up.

Of course, as mentioned in the post, the Bucs could be laying it on heavy in order to get Thomas, which is the guy Detroit is thought to want, so it is possible if the deal happens that at the #4 spot the Lions still have Calvin Johnson in front of them and no other names that they can talk themselves into as being a better pick, thus screwing the Lions....nice!