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Bears To Use Shotgun

Offensive Coordinator Ron Turner has been busy.  He went back and reviewed every snap Rex Grossman has taken as a pro and on the collegiate level.  The biggest problem and one we all knew about was Grossman throwing off his back foot.

Studying the tape, Turner discovered that Grossman's well-documented struggles came primarily when he retreated and threw off his back foot. Earlier in the season when he was named NFC Offensive Player of the Month in September, Grossman consistently stepped up to deliver the ball.

"When he got back in the pocket and he didn't like what he saw right away or his No. 1 read wasn't open, instead of stepping up in the pocket, he got in the habit of bailing out," Turner said.

The answer...the shotgun.  The Bears will be putting the shotgun into the game plan, mostly on third downs to try and help give Grossman the time he needs to make his throws.

Whatever.  I don't care whether it is the shotgun, 20 step drops or putting the entire original Honey Bears line up up front, just get it done.  If they can eliminate that one problem with Grossman, the Bears will be rolling next year.