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Your GM Sucks, Our's Doesn't

I really don't have specifics on anybody else's GM, but since my GM rocks, your's must suck.  I have been a complete admirer with the way Bears GM Jerry Angelo has handled the Lance Briggs situation and this only helps.

While originally I was against moving him, as you have been reading, I have changed my opinion once Briggs couldn't keep his mouth closed.  If this is anywhere near true, I am even more of a fan of Angelo.  While nothing in this rumor (scroll down) is new:

Chicago will explore the market to see if it can get from No. 6 to No. 2 or 3 and into position for Johnson or moving back from No. 6 to Miami's spot at No. 9 (the Dolphins may want Quinn) and picking up extra choices.

I still maintain that based on what we are entitled to trading a franchise player the deal is not good enough, I can no longer harp on that, the Bears will do what the Bears will do, but I like that Angelo is considering taking a shot at the best player in the draft and if he cannot get him, they are planning an exit strategy.  

From a math stand point I don't know what the Bears have in mind.  The #2 pick is worth 2600 points, the number 6 is worth 1600.  If the Bears were to throw in the #37(2nd) and #94(3rd) worth 530 and 124 respectively that still puts the total value around 400 short. I can't imagine the Bears giving up that, especially considering Angelo's ability to draft in later rounds.  If this were to happen it would have to involve at least one pick from a future draft or a player, maybe whoever the Bears try to get from the Skins.