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Tillman, Vashar- Which Do The Bears Keep?

I know there are differing views on which of the two cornerbacks the Bears keep at the end of next year, when both will be looking for new contracts/extensions.  I have heard some ask why we can't sign both and aside from money I didn't know why we wouldn't either.  This morning I came by an article over at PFT that referenced a piece by Len Pasquarelli on ESPN Insider.  It discussed how the cornerback is possibly the least important piece in the Tampa-2.  The move by the Colts to not match the offer sheet Jason David signed with the Saints per league officials was the correct one based on this.

In the Tampa 2, cornerbacks don't run down the field in pass coverage; they primarily cover short zones and chase down running backs who receive handoffs and receivers who catch the short passes that the Tampa 2 tries to force.  In the Tampa 2, safeties (who are responsible for the deep zones) and linebackers (who need to be able to cover a lot of ground in the middle of the field) are a much more important commodity.

And the defensive linemen are vital as well, since the four of them typically are required to clog running lanes without linebacker help and to beat five offensive linemen and any other blockers who are kept in for pass coverage.

So, in the Tampa 2, cornerback is arguably the least important position -- and this means that teams like the Colts won't overpay for players like David and Nick Harper, since they'll be able to fill those spots with guys already on the roster or players whom they draft next week.