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Bears About To Flip This Draft On It's Ear Again?

Some teams and their GMs are predictable when it comes to drafting players.  Others are not.  Bears GM Jerry Angelo is not one of those guys.  In fact I think he loves reading mock drafts and just shakes his head thinking to himself "I am not going to even get close to drafting that guy".  Last year it was written in stone, the Bears were taking Leonard Pope, the Bears quickly traded out picked up Danieal Manning and Devin Hester and Bears fans world wide said who? and what? respectively and well we know how that worked out.  

This year people who do mock drafts are being a little bit more cautious with the Bears.  Having them take up to 5 different positions dependent on the version of the draft.  

Again TE has been seems to be on everybody's mind with 4 quality ones in the first 3 rounds, but the Bears paid an extra visit to Western Oregon and seemed to be quite pleased with Kevin Boss.  Others have the Bears going after a linebacker, but could the Bears have eyes for a linebacker from a much familiar place, New Mexico?  The Bears have spent some time scouting Quincy Black from the University of New Mexico.  Black has comparables to fellow UNM alum, Brian Urlacher and they even brought back the lobo position, which was last used with Urlacher.  The lobo is a hybrid linebacker/safety.

If these two are potential targets, that leaves all kind of options available at the top of the draft.  Could the Bears be eyeing one of those wide receivers?