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Bears Poised To Make A Move

The Bears apparently will have something to say about the order of the top of the draft.  Five teams, the Bucs, Giants, Broncos, Bills and Redskins, have expressed interest at some point or another.  While I would like the trade to happen prior to Saturday, it is more likely the Bears will use it on draft day.

I don't have a preference on who they trade with, but I would hope they get a first out of the deal and not swap spots.  I am already seeing a move with the Bills to grab Patrick Willis and then trading out of the 1st round with their 31st pick and stockpiling some 2nd and/or 3rd rounders.

Angelo is known to like to move back and get as many picks as possible, I would be curious to see him make the move to go get a player he really wants.

If come Monday, Lance Briggs is still a Bear I would be quite disappointed and I think they Bears would have missed an oppurtunity.