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Worst All-time Picks

Credit: HogsHaven

So I have spent a lot of ink on these articles about the best and worst picks of all time.  On a previous post, some of you took offense to someone calling Curtis Enis our worst pick, listing others.  One of those names has made it onto Yahoo! Sports' Charles Robinson's list along with one other notable Bears pick.

12. Cade McNown, QB, Chicago Bears (1999)
Phil Dokes and Wendell Bryant were bad choices at this spot, but neither was as maddening as McNown. Chosen to solidify the offense on the heels of the three-headed quarterback monster of Erik Kramer, Steve Stenstrom and Moses Moreno, McNown did quite the opposite. In many ways, he was another Ryan Leaf but at a lower pick, with poor accuracy and a general demeanor that rubbed teammates the wrong way. He played only two years in Chicago, before being traded to Miami and then San Francisco, where he never played a single down and washed out after four years in the league.
22. Stan Thomas, T, Chicago Bears (1991)
Chris McIntosh gets some slack for his neck injury and Lamar King wasn't anything special, but Thomas was a straight bust, lasting only two years in Chicago and then two more with the Houston Oilers. Seven starts in four years isn't what draft evaluators had in mind when they looked at him. In hindsight, a young Ted Washington, taken three picks later, would have looked nice in that defense.