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When Mock Drafts Go Bad

Again, I really have to find better titles for these types of posts, but they just fit so well.  Peter Schrager with Fox Sports has posted his 7 round draft.  

Normally, I judge a mock draft on how I like the outcome, because who am I to tell anybody who is worth what and where, but I have to say this is the sloppiest draft I have seen yet this year.

2007 NFL Draft- Bears Selections
Round Pick Player Pos. College
1 31 Jon Beason LB Miami
2 37 Ben Grubbs OG Auburn
3 94 John Beck QB BYU
4 130 Ryan Smith CB Florida
5 168 Matt Trannon WR Michigan St.
7 221 David Patterson DT Ohio St.
7 241 Jared Zabransky QB Boise St.

He takes Beason with the #31st pick. I won't outright argue that pick though most have him slipping. Next he has the Bears taking Grubbs at #37. Grubbs is one player who seems to be on the rise, so he likely won't be available at that spot. In the third round the Bears go for a QB. I have no problem with them selecting a QB, though our rotation is set, but in the 3rd round seems a bit high. Plus Beck is moving up the boards rapidly, many have him gone at the bottom of the first or early second. Then a bunch of middle picks of guys I have seen all over the board, but he ends with us picking another QB. What? You mean to tell me the our GM, who has made a living running drafts, is going to waste two picks on a position that we don't need? I dare say Nay Nay! It is almost like he couldn't be bothered to do the work and had 10 other people's mock drafts open and just cherry picked at each spot, until he filled the full 7 rounds.