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SBN Mock Draft 3rd Round- Chicago

I have to fess up now, I probably don't know enough about a lot of these smaller school guys or even the lesser known players on bigger schools, so there could have been a better pick here, but I do know a little about this kid.  I have seen him play a couple of times.  I have seen mock drafts having him go in the early second sometimes even to the Bears.  Also, a few readers have spoken highly of him, so I think it is a good pick.

In the 3rd round with the 94th pick, the Chicago Bears select Scott Chandler, TE, Iowa.

Chandler is another in a growing line of giant sized tight ends coming in at 6' 7".  He is a bit on the light size only hitting 270 pounds.  He has great hands, is more than willing to work across the middle and has after the catch ability.  He is has a good work ethic and has a lot of upside.

The only real downside is he is not that great of a run blocker, but will some time in the weight room and some work in camp, that can probably be worked out.

So there you have it, the Bears portion of the SBN Mock Draft is finished and I have to say I am quite please with it.  Obviously, in terms of practicality it might be a bit off as now we have Timmons as a linebacker, but still have Briggs on board, but those are the breaks.  Here is a recap, take a peak and let me know how you think I did.

2007 NFL Draft- Bears Selections
Round Pick Player Pos. College
1 31 Lawrence Timmons LB FSU
2 37 Michael Griffin S Texas
3 94 Scott Chandler TE Iowa