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Draft Analysis- Greg Olsen

With the 31st pick in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft the Chicago Bears selected Greg Olsen, tight end out of Miami.  The 6' 5", 252 pounder was the first TE taken in the draft and only one in the first round.

I am positive that GM Angelo was trying his hardest to get out of the first round and then Olsen started to slip and could not pass this shot up.

Olsen can be a tight end who produces like a Todd Heap.  He has great hands and runs fantastic routes.

The one thing you worry about a little is it seems he might have an attitude along the lines of Jeremy Shockey.  Confident and talented, but brash and cockey.  

His career stats in two years at Miami are 726 yards and 5 TDs.  Those numbers could be considered low, but that is more due to lack of a QB, then him.

Olsen will be on the field almost immediately.  I doubt he will take the starting job from Desmond Clark right away, but the Bears will probably run two TE sets now.

A draft is made in the later rounds, but this could be our biggest pick.