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Cowherd = Bad Stunt Man

I have just recently gotten the full story here, so this post is a bit late. To give proper credit to where I got info, check out these sites that are ranting in real time as opposed to my day late, dollar short take on it.

Super Dee Duper
Yelling Louder
Kissing Suzy Kolber

To bring you up to speed in case it passed you by as well, yesterday on Cowherd's radio show he decided to invite his drones to bomb The Big Lead in an attempt to bring them down.  Nobody knows exactly what this fine site did to bring Cowherd's wraith against them.  

Cowherd wants to be the big man on radio.  He is jealous of the clout and big game feel attached to Dan Patrick, though neither of them deserve it.  Cowherd is now just acting like a crappy on your way to work morning show DJ.  The same guys who think it is still funny to prank call people, or do the same ol boring pun filled Diken's Cider jokes.  That is now all he is.  Before he was just one of a ton of radio guys who thinks he is more important that he really was, but I didn't have a big problem with him.  I often did not agree with him, but it didn't bother me, except of course when he predicted before the season that the Bears were all smoke and mirrors and wouldn't do anything this year.  Now he is just low class and low rent and likes to steal other's work and call it his own.

Given my forum I don't feel proper using the harsh language that these other sites do, but I have no problem with you all reaming his a new one in the comments section if you want.