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WCG Mock Draft- Dallas (#22)

22. Dallas Cowboys- Jarvis Moss, DE, Florida

The Cowboys were a much-replayed bobbled snap away from playing in the NFC Divisional Round last year.  At times, they seemed to be a possible dark horse Super Bowl candidate.  But despite the vetern WRs Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn, the solid performance by the Jones/Barber tandem and Tony Romo's emergence as a legitimate NFL QB, the 'Boys struggled down the stretch.

Many fans blamed their O-line, which during the 1st half of the year seemed like it couldn't protect the QB.  But they weren't nearly so awful when Romo replaced Bledsoe behind the wheel, rating 15th according to Football Outsiders.  Plus, they added the massive Leonard Davis.

Their wide receivers were often heralded as the best group in the league.  But Owens and Glenn sure didn't play like it.  They showed their advanced age, and Owens showed his disinterest in the nitty-gritty of football (not showing much desire in learning the playbook, for one).  Yes, he had a hurt thumb.  But other NFL players have had injuries before that have hindered their play, and once you consider his injury, his drop rate turns from horrific to just poor.  Patrick Crayton was pretty good though - according to one measure, he was the best WR he caught less than 50 passes.  While Dwayne Bowe is tempting here, I think it makes more sense to focus on more pressing issues.

Safety seemed to be as pressing an issue as there was.  Roy Williams is known as a great htiter and blitzer, but his coverage ability, or lack thereof, was exposed badly last year.  But it seems like Phillips believes that the addition of Ken Hamlin will allow Williams to take more chances and use his physical prowess more effectively.  Their corners happen to be pretty good - both Newman (onetime fifth pick) and Anthony Henry have played reasonably enough, with spurts of excellence.

Jason Ferguson at NT is getting older, but should survive another year.  Their DEs have been something of a disappointment, but they hope that Marcus Spears and Chris Canty improve in Phillips' tweaked version of the 3-4.

Their interior LBs have been decent.  Bradie James struggled in pass coverage, but was stout against the run.  As Akin Ayodele's understanding of the 3-4 grew, so did his play.  Bobby Carpenter was their 1st-round pick last year, and produced more as the year went on as well, but he has more to prove in this spring.

Astute observers will notice I've left the OLB's until the end.  DaMarcus Ware is one of the most talented players on this team.  But Greg Ellis' injury is possibly career-threatening, and no one else stepped up.  The Cowboys even switched to a 4-3 to increase pressure on the QB.  So I think Jarvis Moss fits well here.  He came up with big plays throughout the year for Florida, most famously blocking a kick against South Carolina to preserve their championship hopes.  With help from other Gators, he dominated Troy Smith with his speed and athleticism.  He is the prototypical 3-4 OLB, with tremendous natural talent at rushing the passer.  Further, I think Coach Phillips is going to want a fresh toy to blitz now that he's lost Merriman and Phillips.  Ware is good, but just short of dominating.  To really give QB's nightmares and protect their second, the Cowboys should select Jarvis Moss.

Drafter- IrishGush

On the clock- Kansas City Chiefs (tomas21)      

2007 NFL Mock Draft - First Round
Pick Team Player Pos. College Drafter
1 Oakland Raiders JaMarcus Russell QB LSU bears fan louie
2 Detroit Lions Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin South Side Irish
3 Cleveland Browns Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech elagoalie11
4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Gaines Adams DE Clemson NoisewaterMD
5 Arizona Cardinals Alan Branch DT Michigan Chad
6 Washington Redskins Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas Skin Patrol
7 Minnesota Vikings Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame IrishGush
8 Atlanta Falcons LaRon Landry S LSU Coach Owens
9 Miami Dolphins Amobi Okoye DT Louisville McRipper
10 Houston Texans Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma Scruffy Lefty
11 San Francisco 49ers Patrick Willis LB Ole Miss RME JICO
12 Buffalo Bills Paul Posluszny LB Penn St. Brian G
13 St. Louis Rams Adam Carriker DE Nebraska tyger1147
14 Carolina Panthers Greg Olsen TE Miami RME JICO
15 Pittsburgh Steelers Leon Hall CB Michigan shawngoldman
16 Green Bay Packers Marshawn Lynch RB California chad
17 Jacksonville Jaguars Reggie Nelson S Florida River City Rage
18 Cincinnati Bengals Brandon Meriweather S Miami elagoalie11
19 Tennessee Titans Robert Meachem WR Tennessee quartz77277
20 New York Giants Darrelle Revis CB Pittsburgh Coach Owens7
21 Denver Broncos Ted Ginn Jr. WR Ohio State Devin47
22 Dallas Cowboys Jarvis Moss DE Florida IrishGush